Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Summer Solstice

Today the earth is at a tipping-point.  We are as close to the sun as we will ever be this year, and this day will be the longest one of the year.  Today we turn away from the sun to begin our journey into the dark and cold of winter.  All night long the wind that gave our state its name was singing and swaying through the boughs of the trees.  The Native Americans who lived here called themselves the Kansa, meaning "People of the South Wind."  The air is alive with the summer wind, the wheat is in, and this morning the birds' dawn chorus was dominated by the cardinals, singing "birrr-chee, birrr-chee, birrrr-chee, chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp-chirp."

The first (human) message I received this morning was from my dear friend Jacke.  I was surprised she  was up so early, until I remembered that she lives in Nova Scotia.  They all get up early there.  She sent me the Richard Rohr meditation, which today is on the solstice.  He said that the way we understand another person or another thing is that there is a little bit of it already in you.  "Like knows like....So God planted a little bit of God inside of us -- and all things.  It seduces us into even more universal love and life."  We can recognize within ourselves a response to everything in God's creation, but above all we can recognize God as he pulls at the God within us.

God doesn't just pull us toward himself.  Our spiritual growth waxes and wanes like the seasons.  First God pulls us toward himself, then he lets us go, so that we can have a turn at seeking him.  After all, love is reciprocal.  God wants us to love him back.

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