Thursday, May 31, 2012

Comments and responses

The response to this blog has been wonderful.  People have emailed me to share their thoughts, such as this one:
Okay, I really enjoyed your blog, tried to post a comment, but the novice, rookie, non-blogger that I am didn't know what domain to select and can't get it accepted.  So here it is:
God's will vs. self's will.  Wouldn't it be nice if God used "neon signs". However, as we deepen our relationship with God, we begin to realize that those signs come in subtle, yet profound ways, that could only be divine messages.  Once in God's will, there will still be struggles, but having the power to rely on God and the Holy Spirit's presence can continue to reassure us that God's will rather than self will will give us comfort and further direction for our lives.    
E-mail or give me a call and let's go on a road trip to Sun City sometime soon.

And this one:
I'll be following your blog with interest.  I got a chuckle about the one titled "Don't fence me in" with Gene  Autry.  Our community choir men sang a version of that song with cowboy hats, colored kerchiefs, and tuxes. 
And this one:
Well......not sure how a "blog" works....but the site is nice and easy to follow....and the scenery is a contrast to the mountains of the great Northwest for sure.......

 You will be thrilled to know that Autry is a fine native Texan and descendant of one of the famous Texans who died at the Alamo (bordering on "sacred" to all Texans), so there is more than entertainment, rodeo, raising stock for rodeos, and owning a broadcast station and a baseball team, and being a decent human being all his life,  in his little tree of influence and activity....
 "Don't fence me in" (to the modern mind) is a bit "contrarian" to your premise of obedience but is a nice play on the idea theologically, that there is no freedom without commitment to the source of it....

You see the problem.  I am learning how to blog, and lots of other people who would like to join the discussion don't know how to do it yet, either.  If you know how to comment on a blog, could you please comment and tell us how to do it?  PW


  1. OK. Here's what Shelly said after she got it to work:

    I did try again and apparently I do have a google acct. I had to look at a screen from them telling some things they've changed and click on something that said I got it, but then it worked.

    Maybe someone else can understand what made it work for her and explain what we have to do. Sounds like she's going on sheer intuition. PW

  2. Another friend said this:
    I got on your blog site through Internet Explorer rather than Google Chrome and selected the Google Account profile for entering a comment. I logged into my personal Google account rather than my government Google account and was able to send a test profile message.

  3. First, type a comment in the "comment" box.

    To post an anonymous comment, just chose "comment as: anonymous" and hit "publish."

    To include your name, chose "name/url" and type your name into the name box. It looks as though you can leave url bank (if you have/know one, try including it!). Then hit "publish." (This is what I am going to do in 5 seconds...)

    You can also post using your Google ID or other account if you have one.

  4. I found how to change the settings so that if you don't have a URL or don't know what it is, you can log on as "anonymous," and then I will approve or not approve each comment before it is posted, to protect us all from spam. I'd like it if you signed your name. If that doesn't work, I'll change it to something else and tell you how to use it. PW