Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ah, Kingman!

Out in the "heat and drought tolerant" all Kansas wildflower garden next to the alley, I was battling weeds.  In Kingman you are never alone, and no one needs a GPS device.  You are tracked at all times by the location of your car.  And whenever anyone sees you, they wave, even if they are not sure who you are, because if you  don't know them, you ought to, and they might know you.  So three people I wasn't sure who they were drove down the alley and waved.  (Yes, we drive in the alleys here.)  Then Vonda pulled into my driveway to complain that I have been too busy to talk to her.  She said she waves when I drive by, but I am always so intent on where I'm going that I fail to notice her.  "What do I have to do?  I'm already hanging out of my car window!"  We caught up on what's happening in our lives, and she drove on to do her errands.  Then Joy from the library stopped in the middle of the alley.  She noticed that I had checked in the last two books, and wondered if I wanted her to order another two or three on interlibrary loan from the series I'm reading.  She said she thought so, and will get me three more.  It's good, now that school is out and my work at Kansas School for Ministry is tapering off.  I can pay attention to my neighbors.

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